• Designed by Nick Risinger.

    Nick Risinger’s photographic work made worldwide news in 2011 with his 'Photopic Sky Survey', a 5,000 megapixel panorama of the entire night sky. Since its release, it has received accolades from the Advanced Imaging Conference and the Cartography and Geographical Informational Society, has been featured in international astronomical publications and has been adopted for use by the European Southern Observatory. Risinger has appeared on PRI’s The World, Wired.com and has given talks to enthusiasts at Boeing, Intel and Pixar. His company, UNIVRSE, LLC is responsible for distributing the Sky Survey app.

    Developed by R&D Arts, Inc.

    R&D Arts, Inc. is a software research and development and consulting company with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. Founded by a group of technology enthusiasts, R&D Arts specializes in mobile multimedia, mobile video editing, digital cartography, navigation, dynamic data analysis, augmented reality, and reporting technologies.