• User Guide

    Sky Survey is like a window to the sky and is very easy to use. Simply point your device in the direction you wish to look and your view will be automatically oriented. To control the zoom level, use a pinch/spread gesture.

    You can discover objects by tapping on them, which shows you their name and symbol. For in-depth facts about your selection, tap the info button on the right. If you have an internet connection, a Wikipedia entry will be displayed along with basic offline data. To close the info panel, swipe it to the right.

    To select objects that are very close to each other or overlapping, try double tapping. This will display a list of multiple objects in the area for you to select from.

    The search button lets you search for any object in the app database. Or, you can browse through any of the object categories by making a selection from the category tabs.

    To control which layers are displayed, for instance, constellations or planetary bodies, tap the settings button and make your desired selections.

    By default, Sky Survey uses the sensors in your device for automatic real-time orientation. However, if you wish to manually override this feature, simply drag in any direction. Drag mode will be enabled. To reengage automatic orientation, either tap the gyro button or tilt your device toward the sky.

    For technical issues or app suggestions please contact us at support(at)skysurvey.org

  • Troubleshooting

    Objects or sky in wrong location?
    There are a number of possible causes for this. First, since Sky Survey needs to know your location for correct orientation, check to make sure Location Services are enabled. This can be accessed under your iPad/iPhone Settings, Location Services. Second, make sure you have the correct Date and Time selected under General, Date & Time. If objects are still showing in the wrong positions by large margins, make sure you are not near any large metal objects or other disturbances that could affect your iPad/iPhone's compass. If problems persist, it may be helpful to reset your device.

    Apps closing unexpectedly?
    iOS may be automatically closing apps due to memory constraints. If this is happening, you can manually close other apps you aren't using by opening the multitasking panel. This can be done by double tapping the home button to show the multitasking panel. Then hold your finger down on an app icon until they begin jiggling and press the (-) icon to close apps you don't need open. Alternatively, resetting your device will close all open apps.

    Having other problems not addressed here?
    Please contact us at support(at)skysurvey.org and we'll try to address your issue in a timely manner.