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Your personal window to the night sky has been opened. Begin your discovery.

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For the wonderers. For all those captivated by the natural world, no matter its distance. There are hidden treasures out there that await you and Sky Survey is your companion for the journey.

  • Easy Answers

    Easy Answers

    Have you ever wondered what that certain something is in the sky? A star? Perhaps a planet? Sky Survey automatically orients itself to your current time and location so the answers to your curiosity are a simple tap away.

  • Visually Stunning

    Visually Stunning

    Sky Survey is different than other planetarium apps because it uses photographic imagery as the primary component of the graphics. Things look more real because they are real! Read more about the story to see what makes this app so unique.

  • Powerful Context

    Powerful Context

    Locate thousands of stars, galaxies, planets, nebulae and more with the interactive search tool. Just follow the arrow and you’ll be guided to any of these objects with ease.

  • Immersive Experience

    Immersive Experience

    We designed Sky Survey to be your window to a hidden world. With total freedom of motion and unprecedented graphics you might even forget you are still standing on Earth.

  • Inspired Learning

    Inspired Learning

    Let’s face it. Astronomy can be a challenging subject without the proper means to visualize it. Sky Survey is a unique tool that is not only powerfully informative but is also a joy to use.

  • Universal App

    Universal App

    One price. Multiple devices. For a one time purchase of $2.99, Sky Survey can be enjoyed on both your iPhone and iPad. Download Sky Survey today!

    (Available for iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad)